Resource Center for Community Engaged Scholarship at UC Merced




What is ReCCES?

A resource center that helps community members connect with UC Merced students and faculty and staff members so they can work together toward common research goals. ReCCES is designed to increase the effectiveness of higher education and address important community concerns.




How can I benefit?

  • Improve your skills in research and grantwriting through university partnerships;
  • Grow your network with faculty, students and community decision makers through mutually beneficial research projects that facilitate relationship building;
  • Support your organization’s mission and goals with evidence-based research;
  • Learn how to promote the value of research within your organization;
  • Possess evidence suggesting the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization’s programs and services, allowing increased opportunities for funding 



What resources are provided?

  • One-on-one or group consultation for your interests and ideas;
  • Matchmaking with faculty, community members and students to support your interests;
  • Access to advisers, training/reference materials, assistance with grant application and publication preparation;
  • Opportunities for social and professional networking events



What is CES?

Community Engaged Scholarship (CES) is an approach to education, research and service that supports rigorous academic goals and benefits the community.

Community Research Relationships

Transforming the Nature of Research and Development